Proving a point || Finchel

Rachel was perfectly content sitting in the kitchen finishing up her milkshake and had no ideas of sex running through her head at all. Despite what Finn thinks, she wasn’t thinking about having sex with him tonight because she is determined to win this bet. A few minutes later Rachel’s shake was gone and she placed her dirty dishes in the sink, then ran some water over them so the chocolate wouldn’t stick to them. Turning on her heel she started to walk up the stairs and heard her phone go off halfway up. Checking the text message really quickly she rolled her eyes and quickened her pace up the stairs. She reached Finn’s room a couple of minutes later and joined him on the bed, resting her head on top of his stomach so she was belly up. “I decided not to paint my nails.” She said and sat up a little bit to give him a quick kiss then resumed her previous position from before. 

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    Rachel looked at Finn with a confused expression on her face. “Well, I’m going to be married to you so I’m going to have...
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    "Really?? I always thought your name was still going to be Rachel, but if you want to be called like that, that’s your...