Well that was quite an awful adventure!

I spent the entire night last night lost in New York City - which I’ll admit was probably not a good idea to go out in the first place. I thought I knew where I was going when I spotted a familiar looking building. It turns out that was a strip club and obviously I was even more lost. Drizzle is not a very good navigator. He led me down a really dark alley which brought me back down towards the creepy part of the city. Unfortunately for me, that’s when little Baby Hudson started to wear me out and I didn’t have the energy to find my way back home. 

I used the GPS on my cellphone and found a cheap motel - when I say cheap, I mean it - this place had dried dead flies on the walls and I’m pretty sure there was some kind of domestic dispute going on down below the room I was staying in. I suspected I wasn’t going to get much sleep. How could I without Finn and our comfy bed? Not to mention the fact that I was worried someone would bust through the doors and kidnap me. 

Overall, my night was one of the worst nights I have had in a really long time. The front desk clerk at the motel kept hitting on me while I was checking out, I’m exhausted beyond belief, and I have a class to teach this morning. Let’s hope that Kindergartners didn’t have their five hour energy drinks this morning. Its times like this when I wish I was allowed to drink coffee. I could really use some right now. And Finn. I really need Finn more than anything else.

Also, I think I might be catching a cold. Walking around he city when its 16 degrees wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I should have just stayed home. 


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